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Since 1972

We have a very proud heritage within the education community. TUH was founded in Queensland 45 years ago to provide teachers and the education sector with better, fairer health cover. Today, we proudly take care of more than 75,000 Australians.

Meet the Judges

Meet Paige Turner

Paige Turner

Paige loves an exciting tale, almost as much as she likes to keep us in suspense. She likes to drop hints, and loves the delicious anticipation of people working out her cryptic clues. She is an amateur sleuth, and her favourite books are Miss Marple mysteries. She also loves those TV quiz shows where they make you wait till after the ad break to find out the answer.

Meet Enda Story

Enda Story

Enda is a retired Professor of Literature from Trinity College, Dublin. He is warm, cheeky and humorous and always has that sparkle in his eye. He speaks with the charm and romance typical of the Irish. He loves to weave tales, especially when his eleven grandchildren sit spellbound at his feet.

Meet Miss Kindle

Miss Kindle

Miss Kindle is a kindly, elderly lady who loves to read stories on her tablet. Wherever she goes – on the bus, at the beach, on picnics in the park – she can usually be found with her nose in a good story. She loves technology because it gives everyone an equal opportunity to read the great stories of the world. She is president of her local book club, and currently holds the record for reading more than 10,000 books in her lifetime. She has read some of her favourite books at least five times.

Meet Mark Book

Mark Book

Mark Book is always getting things up mixed. You’d think with such a name that he always knows where he is; but he is, in fact, a master of getting things back to front. He’s famous for putting the cart before the horse, getting left mixed up with right, and saying “Good morning” when it’s clearly night time. When he was five years old he sent a letter to Santa, care of the South Pole (luckily, the postman picked up the mistake and it was delivered to the correct end of the world). When you unscramble what he’s saying, you find that he really is a guy lovely.

Meet Jym


Jym is an exercise physiologist who always makes the time to offer some friendly help or advice. As you’d expect, he’s very keen on health and fitness. But what he’s even more excited to teach everyone is how even little bursts of activity can help us stay mentally fit and increase our happiness and well-being. Feeling stressed or anxious about school or work? Just take three BIG breaths. Aaaaah. As Jym says, “It’s amazing how little things make us feel a whole lot better”. Feeling a little down? Just go for a walk. As Jym points out, “Many of the world’s greatest thinkers walked every day. Genius, like most things in life, is just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other”.

OK, the above aren’t our real judges – they were all fully booked.