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Since 1972

We have a very proud heritage within the education community. TUH was founded in Queensland 45 years ago to provide teachers and the education sector with better, fairer health cover. Today, we proudly take care of more than 75,000 Australians.

Can't find your school?

Hello, and welcome to our help page – we guess you’re here because you couldn’t find your school or early childhood centre on the form. It’s most likely due to different punctuation or a slow internet connection. Could you please try again, but first check the following steps:

1. When you start typing your school, you may need to pause after 2 characters and a list will appear. This example shows a search for St Mary’s in Mackay:

2. St Mary's does not appear at first, so continue typing or scroll down, then click on your school as below:

3. Please be mindful of full stops and apostrophes, e.g. in our list “St” Mary’s is correct, rather than “St.” Mary’s or “Saint” Mary’s. The same goes for “Mt” Gravatt, rather than “Mt.” or “Mount”. After you have tried this, if you're still unable to find your school or early childhood centre, please just type in the full name as you know it. We’ll be sure to find it.

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