The Big Wall of Winners

Winning schools for 2017

Cavendish Road State High School - Coorparoo

Groves Christian College - Logan

Kruger State School - Ipswich

Mundubbera State School - Mundubbera

St Mary Mackillop Primary School - Birkdale

Each school will win $1000 to spend on books and resources.

Congratulations to all our student winners. Read their entries below!

Mrs West
Robina State School.
Mrs West inspires me and fellow students by making our library a relaxing place to sit and enjoy all levels of books. Listening to her read makes my face and other kids faces light up. We have the best librarian as she shares her passion for books. It's contagious!
Jyla (Age 11)
Mrs Lincez
Norman Park State School.
My librarian inspires me to love reading because she teaches me this class called "Rapid Writing "that includes poetry. So now I borrow huge poetry books that I enjoy. I also enjoy the book series "Thea Stiltion "that is absolutely suitable for people my age. So that's what I love.
Holly (Age 9)
Mrs Klose
Groves Christian College.
Mrs klose has always read a book to us every free time she had, she has been the one who has been the one who has inspierd me to read and she is the BEST teacher in the whole universe.
Victoria (Age 10)
Mrs Talbot
Currimundi State School.
Our librarian (Mrs Talbot) inspires our school by being caring and respecting the school’s books. When we visit her she always says Hi. If you have trouble looking for a book, she will always be there with a helping hand. That’s why she is the best librarian ever.
Ryan (Age 10)
Mrs Klose
Groves Christian College.
Mrs klose inspired me to read books by reading with great expressions and showing me that books are important and that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. i have grown to love books especially chapter books. all books have different titles and i can relate with characters
Mary (Age 10)
Ms Rashleigh
Boyne Island State School.
Most days Ms Rashleigh reads to us with expression, fluency and comprehension. This inspires me to read with her, my mum and by myself. At school we read with other classes and our library has outstanding books. When we get to read we sit on comfy cushions and it's silent.
Charlee (Age 8)
Mrs Blyth
St Anthony's School (Kedron).
I thank Mrs Blyth. She is so kind to us. Here’s the reason why: She sets up Book Week for us and dresses up herself. And around every Christmas comes Zippy the little elf who hides in a different spot each day for us to find on the shelf.
Zac (Age 7)
Mrs Dwyer
Norville State School.
Mrs Dwyer reads us a special story each week and on Friday we get a Story Bite to take home. It is a small item related to the story, like a shell or a sticker, that helps us retell the story to our family. My teachers are the best!
Leah (Age 6)
Mrs Mitchel
Manly West State School.
Dear Mrs Mitchel, Thank you so much for telling me how reading helps your mind grow. I’ve also read heaps of books because of you. I have learnt lots more because I’ve read lots more as well. P.S: I LOVE READING!
Chloe (Age 8)
Mr Cooney
St Kieran's School (Mount Isa).
Mr Cooney has helped me so much this year with my reading. He always encouraged me to do my very best and he never gave up on me. I have always loved books but now I have the confidence and I always have my head in a book.
Talitha (Age 10)
Mrs Lee
St Joseph's School (Atherton).
I moved to St Joesph's half way through grade 4 and immediately she learnt my taste of books encouraging me to try new books. Every week she is there with a smile recommending new books every time. She deserves nothing but an ENORMOUSLY big Thank You! Mrs Lee, Thank You!
Caitlin (Age 11)
Mrs Keeling
St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Rockhampton North).
Mrs. Keeling makes me feel VERY welcome in the Library, showing me new books, listening to me read. She confidently inspired me to enter a Book writing competition, which I actually did WIN!!. She's WONDERFUL. She said I can even be a Librarian myself one day and read EACH day!!
Peter (Age 9)
Mrs Puddicombe
Mackay Northern Beaches State High School.
Mrs Puddicombe inspires me to branch out to other book series and help other students find book series that they will enjoy and get hooked on, Mrs Puddicombe is a kind hearted person who I look up to and like to be around. Thank you Mrs Puddicombe your the best.
Maegyn (Age 14)
Miss Nester
Gatton State School.
Miss Nester inspires me by levelling up my reading records as my goal is to reach level Z She inspires me by challenging me with harder school work She a positive role model to work with each day and I enjoy being her student she an amazing teacher Thank You
Jackson (Age 8)
Miss Witt
Trinity Beach State School.
I know our school should have the $1000 prize. Miss Witt inspires me to read by giving our class amazing books, giving us time to read in class and letting us read on computers. She always helps us with our comprehension so that's why we should have the prize money!
Lexi (Age 9)
Ms Hoppe
Mooloolaba State School.
Ms Hoppe inspires me with her positivity towards my reading and she has challenges me to read harder books. At the start of the year my lexile was 867 and now I am at 987 and I have read over 2,234,677 words as part of the Scholastic learning Challenge!
Ruby (Age 10)
Mrs Tetzlaff
Grantham State School.
I thank Mrs T our librarian for encouraging me to read and enjoy books. I spent 4 weeks in a wheelchair after surgery and spent lots of time with her in the library enjoying books. I love reading and thank her for always keeping great books in our school library.
Memphis (Age 7)
Ms Zuniga
Heatley State School.
Ms Zuniga is a great teacher. Since I started participating reading Challenge my reading level is up. before the Challenge I am Level 15, after my reading challenge I am level 20. I aim for Level 24 before the school end.
Sheldon (Age 7)
Ms Smith
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Bracken Ridge).
She puts the books out for us to read, she reads us stories and sometimes she lets us have toy buddies. She's lovely. Once she let us colour in. That's why I like her.
Holly (Age 5)
Mrs Richards
St Peters Rockhampton.
Mrs Richards With her sport physical legs having a rest, her blue sparkly eyes shining through the school. I thank Mrs Richards for inspiring me through my time in grade 3 trying to get better at reading, writing, spelling and punctuation. She is a wonderful teacher for me.
Georgia (Age 8)
Mrs Joseph
Cavendish Road State High School.
My Teacher, Mrs Joseph inspires me to read by encouraging our class to bring reading books every Friday for reading. As well when i was reading a series of books she kept me interested in the series, she even spoke to the author of the books!!!
Connor (Age 15)
Mrs Crane-Penny
North Lakes State College.
There is one pacific person in my life who teaches me to enjoy reading all kinds of books. This teacher is my mum she is the one who influenced me. Thanks to her I read so many books.
Ashlin (Age 11)
Mrs Davey
Forest Lake State School.
My teacher uses these funny character voices when reading a book.I've heard her do an old man, a Hollywood starlet, the stern parent and a spy. My favourite is her wicked witch voice. The laugh she does in particular sends shivers up my spine every time. She makes it fun.
Lia (Age 7)
Miss Rankin
WoodLinks State School.
Miss Rankin inspires me to read, That by doing so, in the future I will lead. The School’s motto, ‘If you read, you will succeed’, I truly believe in that, that is so, That it makes me feel like I’ve won the lotto.
Rory (Age 7)
Miss McKenna
WoodLinks State School.
Miss McKenna inspires me to read, So that one day I will lead. By reading everyday, I learn about lots of things, Even about animals that have wings. I really like how book, Makes me dream, wonder & even learn how to cook.
Eden (Age 9)
Mrs Cornwell
St Peter's Catholic Primary School Rockhamton.
Dear Mrs Cornwell, the moment I met you I loved you so you can guess how excited I was when I found out that you were going to teach me in grade one. Throughout the year I learned lots of new things but my favourite thing was READING.
Thomas (Age 9)
Mrs Riggs
Cavendish Road State High School.
My mother, a teacher inspired my love of reading by reading to me everyday before I went to bed. When I was older I read to her. Her reading to me inspired my creativity and showed me the wonders of books and reading.
Allyson (Age 13)
Mr Roberts
Cavendish Road State High School.
My Art teacher recommended me a book to see how i could help improve my English. This helped me get better at football and made me get more friends. I am inspired by my Art teacher to read much more books.
Daichi (Age 14)
Ms Anderson
Tinana State School.
Ms Anderson is a wonderful teacher who always encourages me to read even though I may not be interested at times. I would like to thank you for your persistance and for helping me through out the year.
Shanina (Age 8)
Miss Rogers
Emerald North State School.
My Teacher Miss Rogers inspires me Because she makes reading funny and story's seem entertaining.She is one of the best teachers i know i never really liked reading but now i LOVE IT!!! shes AWESOME.THANKS MISS ROGERS -
Alana (Age 10)
Miss V
St Peter's School (Rockhampton).
Miss V has inspired me to read by using lots of exprestion and making it like a movie in my head when she reads.I love it when she uses a lot exprestion to make it exsiting.Miss V has beautiful blue sparkling eyes that glow like the stars
Taya (Age 8)
Miss Cook
Warwick West State School.
Thank you for being a wonderfully talented librarian who always promotes reading. You give children help when it is needed in and around the library. There is no amount of words to show how much you have done this year. The number of oppurtunities you have given people is unreal.
Max (Age 10)
Mrs Cav
Wellers Hill State School.
She does reading groups. She gives me cool books. We do 10 to 20 minutes of reading every day. The librarian helps me find books I can't find. I read cool Dinosaur books too. I like the Story Tree House books by Andy and Terry. Thank you for reading.
Armand (Age 8)
Mrs Livingstone
Tanduringie State School.
My teacher teaches me how to read fluently now I can read to my little cousins. She always finds books for everything we do in class - my favourite are science books! She always reads really interesting narratives, my favourite is Kumiko and the Dragon.
Samuel (Age 8)
Mrs Coppo
Redeemer Lutheran College (Rochedale).
Because she says that every single word in a book means something and to find out what each word means you must read the book and that Mrs Coppo says that books are what connects people together and what creates friendships. She also says books teach you everything.
Millie (Age 10)
Miss Kurylewska
Cavendish Road State High School.
When I was in 4 grade i was sick so I went to the library instead of play> I asked the librarian if they have the 3rd Harry Potter book, Which i have been looking for ages. They found it really quick. I now read every night after bed
Byron (Age 12)
Ms Cuthbert
Cavendish Road State High School.
when i came to this school, i was a awful studnet. however now i am imporved out of site! thx 2 miss cuthbert, my english has never bean better and i am sure i will win $50 with this heartfelt and seriaus message!
Eli (Age 16)
Mrs Laidlaw
Cavendish Road State High School.
I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which i am very into at the moment, which my lovely English and Humanities teacher Mrs Laidlaw lets me read in class. I have already read 93 pages from the book which i just got from the school Liberty this
Rhyan (Age 13)
Mr Rose
Mansfield State School.
He has always truly given us hope and challenges to inspire our love of reading and our reading legal over all. Thank you from W.S.S. you are the best reading teacher ever.
William (Age 10)
Mrs Hirst
St Peter's Catholic Primary School.
Dear Mrs Hirst,you have inspired me to want to read more .You have helped me along the way from beginning sounds to complex paragraphs.I enjoy listing to you read when you use expression,it makes the story more interesting. You are a Teacher from heaven.Thank you. From Jack.
Jack (Age 9)
Ms Cuthbert
Cavendish Road State High School.
When I line up outside my English classroom, I see Miss' smile everyday. On the surface it may seem malevolent, but really it's because she has so much passion for literature. And by the end of the 70 minutes, the smile has spread. The passion has spread. Thanks, Miss.
Brandon (Age 14)
Ms Cuthbert
Cavendish Road State High School.
My current English teacher, Lady Cuthbert inspires me to read books new and old everyday, because every English lesson with her, I walk into her into a new world filled with inspiring imagination with colour and delight. Thank you Lady Cuthbert, for inspiring me to read and learn everyday.
Dion (Age 15)
Mrs Sands
Cavendish Road State High School.
Mrs Sands influences me to read because of her strong vocabulary. She has a very good understanding of words. She loves to tell me wonderful stories of the books she reads and how much of an enjoyment it would be if I read it.
Luke (Age 15)
Mrs Swift
Robina State High School.
My teacher, Mrs Swift, help inspire me and my class to read everyday by encouraging us, suggesting books and entering us in competitions like the Premiers Reading Challenge and saying we can have a pizza party if our whole class reads 15 books. She inspires my love of reading.
Tara (Age 12)
Mr Miller
Ipswich Special School.
My teacher encourages me to read because it's an important time in my life. No words can says how much of a wonderfull teacher Mr Miller is.I keep asking mum to buy more books for me to read even though we have a book shelf full of books thanks
Aaron (Age 14)
Mrs Eory
Northside Christian College.
Mrs Eory is my English teacher.She has inspired me to read with her love of reading. Every Monday's lesson we read a book. As soon as we started doing this I have been hooked and can't stop reading. I never used to read much at all. Thankyou, Mrs Eory.
Emily (Age 13)
Mrs Benson
Mount Isa School of the Air.
My teacher helps to inspire me in the love of reading by sending books I'm into. I love to read them before bed, and during my quite reading time! Our Librarian sends really good books as well.
Thomas (Age 6)
Mrs Paton
Gin Gin State School.
The environment in our school library is so peaceful and there is always something new on the bookshelf which makes it a great atmosphere for reading. Mrs paton is always encouraging reading and she makes you want to read more often.
Talon (Age 10)
Mrs Cranitch
Wondall Heights State School.
My teacher encourages us for the love of reading having 10 minutes of free reading every day. This gives me and everyone in the class the opportunity to read. As you see some kids don't have time at home to read. Thank you Mrs Cranitch!
Annaliese (Age 8)
Mr Harris
Urangan Point State School.
By saying visualise that you are the character in the book and that what the character is doing you are imagining that your the character that is doing all the things in the book.You could be a mini drone hovering over the characters to see what’s happening in text.
Sienna (Age 10)
Mrs Franklin
Noosaville State School.
Mrs Franklin always lets us have reading time after we go to the library, so we can see if we borrowed a good book. She always sets good projects and activities about good books, like "The Twits" by roald dahl. That makes us read more books by that author.
Madison (Age 10)
Mrs Coates
Carbrook State School.
She reads part of a book to us everyday with emphasis and expression. The variety of different themes and story lines let our imaginations run free and teach us things about life. We read by ourselves too and have reading as homework which is really a pleasure. Thankyou MrsCoates.
Kaelan (Age 10)
Ms James
Cavendish Road State High School.
Ms James inspired me to read and I'll never forget her. I will always remember when I was upset because my dog died so I was in the library crying, and Ms James came to me and gave me a book about dogs and I spent the whole break reading.
Ryan (Age 12)
Miss Moran
Cavendish Road State High School.
I used to love reading, but as i got older, i stopped reading and struggled to get into a new book. On my first year of highschool, my teacher, inspired me to get back into reading and not by actually telling me, she taught language devices that are seen ingoodbooks:)
Amelia (Age 13)
Mrs Walker
St James Primary School (Coorparoo).
Mrs Walker, an inspiring teacher who believed in each and everyone of her students. She would give time everyday for us to read a book of our choice. I was inspired when she read the most interesting and inspiring books I have ever read before.Thank you Mrs Walker.
Ethan (Age 13)
Mrs Hill
St Flannan's School (Zillmere).
My teachers name is Mrs Hill she always loves a big thrill she love her parties and also loves to eat smarties thank you for being a cool teacher it is going to be hard to say see ya thank you for teaching me that I can be whoever I want to be
Grace-Maree (Age 10)
St Flannan's catholic primary School (Zillmere).
I didn't love reading, thought it was okay But this one teacher Made me see the light of day She told me books are real treasures! Oh, so much thrill and tons of adventures! Now whenever I can or whenever I need I just read Read, read and read!
Avia (Age 11)
Mrs Geri
Kilkivan State School.
Mrs Geri is a passionate, dedicated teacher aide who loves all things books. She ALWAYS promotes her love of reading to everyone by showcasing and running bookweek celebrations. Her love of books has inspired all who cross her path. A well deserving educator.
Jake (Age 10)
Mrs Carney
St Benedict's Primary School, Mango Hill.
Because Mrs Carney got boy vs beasts books for me and the librarian has so much boy vs beast books. Now I can read them all by myself and I can read up to 445 pages from a boy vs beast book
Harry (Age 6)
Mrs Gardener
Mango Hill State School.
My teacher is great. Mrs Gardener helps me everyday and makes me happy. Always has time for me and always very caring. Mrs Gardener is super nice and I love to read now because of her. Thank you Mrs Gardener. Best teacher ever!
Zakiah (Age 7)
Ms Trevethan
Thallon State School.
She takes on board the books I will like and orders them in and once I have read them she lets other kids know I liked it. As a school leader it has been inspiring other kids to read. Ms Trevethan and I work together to get others reading!
Clancy (Age 12)
Miss Ah Sam
Goodna State School.
Thank you Miss A for teaching me math,English,Geography,Art & History I am very thank full what you taught me & what you have done for me I hope you will be my teacher next year I really hope I see you in the future I really do
Camry (Age 8)
Mrs Frost
Bayside Christian College.
Mrs Frost is a fantastic teacher who makes learning lots of fun. She is my English Teacher but teaches us reading techniques that help us read more fluently. I love to read and am reading The Girl From Snowy River chosen by Mrs Frost - it's a great book!!
Brooke (Age 13)
Miss Harding
Alexandra Hills State School.
Miss Harding has helped me learn how to read so well. When I started prep I couldn’t read at all. Now I am reading books all on my own and I love to read all the time. I also read to my little brother. Thankyou Miss Harding.
Matthew (Age 5)
Mrs Halstead
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School (Coorparoo).
Our Librarian, Mrs Halstead, inspires the children of Mt Carmel, Coorparoo to love reading. Every term we have a presentation where we are given awards for our reading efforts in Literacy Pro. She even crowns a Reading Queen or King for outstanding efforts. Thank you Mrs Halstead, for encouraging us.
Amelia (Age 9)
Mrs Hammill
Cannon Hill Anglican College.
Mrs Hammill has inspired me to read as she says that knowledge comes from books. She also tells me to never judge a book by it's cover because you never know what will happen in that book. Just remember you don't have to like the book, just expierence the book.
Sarah (Age 11)
Ms Shannon
Cannon Hill Anglican College.
Ms Shannon inspires me to read by recommending books she thinks that I'll like, and I normally do. I never would have found half the books I currently read and love if it wasn't for her. She is consistently helping one of my classmates or myself find a book.
Luke (Age 11)
Mrs Browning
Edmonton Community Kindergarten.
Ms Carol always chooses really good books. I like when she chooses funny ones the best and does lots of funny voices and faces. She always reads books when the mums are late and that makes kids feel happy and not sad.
Charlotte (Age 5)
Mrs Riely
Kelvin Grove State College.
Our school library is a great place to be. Mrs Riely inspires us not just to read the book, but to feel as though we are part of the story. Reading takes you to a magical world of fun and adventures. I love to read everyday. Thank you Mrs Riely.
Thomas (Age 10)
Mrs Hargreaves
St Peter's School (Rockhampton).
Mrs Hargreaves gets really excited when she reads us stories, and helps me read tricky books. I really like when she uses voices! I like that she chooses books about lots of different things like dogs and dinosaurs and policemen. Thanks Mrs Hargreaves :)
Brennan (Age 5)
Mrs Manttan
Ubobo State School.
Aislynn (Age 9)
Mrs Manttan
Ubobo State School.
Mrs Manttan inspires a love of reading by giving me a chance to read when I come up from lunch break. She also inspires me by letting me borrow 2 books from the library each week and she encourages me to try new books.
Sophie (Age 9)
Mrs Lynne Kelly
Gympie Special School.
Lynne has helped Bryce achieve so much over the year when it comes to him enjoying listening and participating in the reading program that she runs. He has so many more words now because of you. THANK YOU for all you do for my son.
Bryce (Age 9)
Ms Jackson
St Therese's School (Bentley Park).
Ms Jackson made the library a fun and friendly place to be. She asked kids what they loved reading and kept books new and interesting. She taught me to value and appreciate a book and I now love the feel and smell of a new book.
Jordan (Age 11)
Miss Gottardo
Boondall State School.
Hold on let me get this straight. I know most kids don't find reading fun and neither did I until I came to Miss Gottardo's class. Miss Gottardo has her own special way of teaching and she makes everything so fun like playing games to help us read.
Amity (Age 11)
Miss Birss
Peregian Springs State School.
I have a great teacher called Miss Birss, She doesn't have an alligator purse, But she does loves to read us books and from the first page in - we're hooked!
Mae (Age 5)
Mrs Rackemann
Mundubbera State School.
dear Mrs Rackemann thanks for being an amazing and cool helping hand in all the classes with marking work, helping with spelling groups, helping students when stuck on a question and helping me when I was stuck and didn't know how to write a word in a very tricky sentence.
Elijah (Age 13)
Mrs Evans
Mundubbera State School.
Mrs Evans thank you so much you have made stuff existing in my life thank you for the cattle club and the education. you have my life better you are the best teacher and thank you for that from luke
Luke (Age 13)
Mrs Postle
Mundubbera State School.
Mrs Postle helped me all through year 5 and 6 and gave me really supportive feedback. I fell of my horse in year 5 and fractured my head and life got tough. She got me back on track and gave me some good advice to help me through life.
Caleb (Age 12)
Mrs Tucker
Mundubbera State School.
This teacher inspired me because when ever I thought I was doing bad with school work she told me to just keep on trying and you will get there eventually. Taught me how to speak English properly and has helped me when ever I was having trouble. Thankyou Mrs Tucker
Heneli (Age 12)
Miss Reed
Mundubbera State School.
Miss Read you are awesome in science. you teacher me a lot in one lesson and you are the kindest teacher I have ever met. Plus you have made learning so much better. You are the best teacher I have had in my schooling so far.
Joshua (Age 12)
Mrs Cathy
Mundubbera State School.
You help me by talking to me when I am in very bad times like talking about my mum and dad so thank you so much from Latrell
Latrell (Age 13)
Mrs O'Brien
St Mary MacKillop Primary School (Birkdale).
Ms O'Brien was an awesome librarian. Unfortunately she moved away and left our school. She inspired me too read cause she would have brand new books every week. She also made sure you were reading something exciting and fantastic, not something boring and not interesting. Ms O'Brien inspired me most.
Rohina (Age 10)
Mrs Smith
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Bracken Ridge).
She tells the funniest stories and lets us borrow books that we find really interesting. She always encourages us to read and enjoy stories
Nicholas (Age 7)
Mrs Smith
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Bracken Ridge).
Mrs Smith reads aloud like a woman possessed by many characters. Other kids love it and so do I. Her enthusiasm for stories and connecting people to each other through stories is infectious. She is a powerhouse of joy, positivity and compassion; a true treasure!
Nathaniel (Age 9)
Mrs Harris
St Peter's School (Rockhampton).
Mrs Harris inspired me to read through her enthusiasm to read. She left the school but was euphoric no matter what. She was the best librarian ever. I bet if you knew her you would certainly explode into two thousand pieces tremendously colourful confetti.
Paxton (Age 9)
Mrs Conway
St Peter's School (Rockhampton).
Mrs Conway inspired me to read by using extraordinary expression. When she reads I can picture anything in my mind. The way she uses different voices for other people is fabulous. When she reads my imagination flows like a river with pictures from the book.
Chavi (Age 9)
Mr Willis
Cooyar State School.
Mr Willis makes reading fun because he does funny voices that make me laugh a lot and he makes jokes when he reads a book to my class and I wish I could read like he can. I think he is the best reader I have ever seen.
Willow (Age 9)
Mrs Mrs De Ryck
Moreton Downs State School.
My teacher makes learning interesting and fun, Just giving it a go means I've already won. With her encouragement and support I feel bright, She motivates me to read and write. Inspiring the desire to learn without a fight. Embracing learning with excite.
Hannah (Age 10)
Miss Leech
Our Lady of the Angels' School (Wavell Heights).
Miss Leech is special is because she has taught me the sounds letters make and now I can read the words in all the books. Sometimes I think she's a magic princess unicorn fairy mermaid. She's the best teacher in the world.
Milla (Age 5)
Ms Juniper
Charleville School of Distance Education.
She knows what books I read and is very nice. She also knows what movies I watch and I like that. She also has a lot of fun games I think my vocabulary on reading is going up higher each day because of her and she is welcoming.
Sam (Age 8)
Miss Grobler
Victoria Point State High School.
Miss Grobler never fails to help and inspire all of her students to ignite their own passion for reading. There is always time for a discussion about any book you have ever read - chances are she's already read it!
Isla (Age 16)
Mrs Starr
Wishart State School.
Reading is my passion if it wasn't for you. If you weren't my teacher I wouldn't know what to do. Thank you Mrs.Starr for everything that you did. For introducing such mind bobbling words that were absolutely splendid. Action non fictional fictional that's right. Mrs.Starr you are very bright
Angela (Age 12)
Miss Brown
Mount Morgan State High School.
She inspired me by always believing in me she helped me to become the person I am today. My teacher stuck with me when I was feeling low she let me write my feelings on paper and she helped me with my problem she made me feel a lot better
Tahlia (Age 14)
Ms Wittman
Wavell State High School.
I started in year 8 year 2013, a nerdy girl who loved to sit alone and fantasize, this led me to the library the first day of school and ever since then I have read thousands of books thanks to Ms. Wittman she's really a best friend rather than a
Isabella (Age 16)
Miss Johnson
Minimbah State School.
Miss Johnson, I would like to thank you for inspiring me to read different books, I appreciate you encouraging me to read and learn different strategies. You make me read harder books. I like harder books because there fun when there is no pictures so you can use your imagination.
Jasper (Age 7)
Mr Bennett
Minimbah State School.
Mr Bennett Thank you for getting taped to a building to raise money for new books, you helped me to understand new words. Thank you Mr Bennett for being helpful and friendly. From Madisen 2E
Madisen (Age 7)
Mrs Jones
Wavell State High School.
My instrumental music teacher, Ms Jones, has nurtured my passion for music, and originally taught me to me how to "read" music. She is an absolute inspiration, and I have known her since I was 11. Since learning music, I have seen my grades improve significantly. She's a remarkable teacher!
Nicholas (Age 17)
Mrs Brenan
St Vincent's Primary School (Surfers Paradise).
Thank you, Mrs Brenan. I remember during book week you asked me and other girls to help you think of ideas and now I'm forever thinking of new ways to meet the characters in my books.I even use it in my writing. Thanks for inspiring me. thanks a lot:)
Katia (Age 11)
Ms Kellaway
West End State School.
My inspirational year 3 teacher Ms Kellaway itaught our class to love aboriginal stories from all over Australia. I particularly enjoyed the Arnhem Land magical dreamtime story, The Rainbow Serpent. Everytime I see a rainbow, I am reminded of the time spent in class learning about aboriginal storytelling. Epic!
Arkie (Age 9)