The Big Wall of Winners

Winning schools for 2016

Cavendish Road State High School - Coorparoo

Groves Christian College - Logan

Kruger State School - Ipswich

Mundubbera State School - Mundubbera

St Mary Mackillop Primary School - Birkdale

Each school will win $1000 to spend on books and resources.

Congratulations to all our student winners. Below are the winning entries.

Mrs Brenan
St Vincent's Primary School (Surfers Paradise).
Thank you, Mrs Brenan. I remember during book week you asked me and other girls to help you think of ideas and now I'm forever thinking of new ways to meet the characters in my books.I even use it in my writing. Thanks for inspiring me. thanks a lot:)
Katia (Age 11)
Ms Kellaway
West End State School.
My inspirational year 3 teacher Ms Kellaway itaught our class to love aboriginal stories from all over Australia. I particularly enjoyed the Arnhem Land magical dreamtime story, The Rainbow Serpent. Everytime I see a rainbow, I am reminded of the time spent in class learning about aboriginal storytelling. Epic!
Arkie (Age 9)
Ms Stacey Larner
Brisbane Independent School (Kenmore).
Our library is quite small but regardless, Stacey [our librarian] and all the other teachers encourage us to read and write and be ourselves no matter what anyone thinks. I think that is a magical reason for our library to be a safe place for anyone who visits.
Charlotte (Age 9)
Mrs Johnson
Waterford State School.
Big books getting read. Nothing but books, not even a bed. She's a fantastic school librarian. She read all day, even in a shed. Pages getting flicked. All the way to Ginger Mick. Stories going through the moon. So we give you a balloon.
Codee (Age 8)
Mrs Flynn
Mansfield State School.
Mrs Flynn inspired and supported me to read when other people said reading was for nerds. When she starts reading I always feel relaxed and all the pressure in me disappears. My teacher always have said ' You have to read to achieve'. Mrs Flynn showed how to love books.
Anna (Age 11)
Mrs Dutton And Mrs Bates
Nambour Christian College.
Thank You for teaching me to read! When you read to me, I feel calm. Reading the 'Invisible Bucket' book made me happy when we got to say nice things about each other. Mrs Bates "We are mates". I love it when you read us rhyming books like Little Bee.
Jack (Age 6)
Mrs Hamling
Redeemer Lutheran College (Rochedale).
Mrs Hamling is a wonderful librarian that encourages everyone to read more books so everyone can be more smarter. I like her because she is very kind and enjoyable unlike all the other teachers. When I started to enjoy reading, Mrs Hamling gave me a very interesting book to read.
Daniel (Age 11)
Mrs Cavanagh
St Peter Chanel Primary School (The Gap).
I watch as her eyes light up, hands wild with enthusiasm as she speaks about a new book in the library. She speaks of a world where reality disappears. She inspires the child in me. So I pick up a book, and then I start to read.
Jordan (Age 12)
Ms J
Cooktown State School.
I am in Prep and I learnt to read this year!my librarian selects books that I love to read so my reading is getting better and better! I am excited in library day because I don't know what exciting book to choose next! Thank you Mrs J.
Morgan (Age 6)
Mrs Cushion
North Lakes State College.
Mrs Cushion inspired me by teaching me that books are more than just pages and writing. Books can make dreams come true. Books educate kids. She taught me the Dr Seuss quote "The more you read, the more you know, The more you know the more places you go"
Aaryan (Age 8)
Mrs De Jager
Guardian Angels' Catholic Primary School (S'port).
My teacher has an interesting accent, and when she reads books out loud to the class she uses her best expressive voice. Then when I read books at home to my family, I try to pretend I'm in a theatre production bringing all the characters to life.
Winnie (Age 8)
Mrs Rutland
St Augustine's Parish Primary School (Currumbin Waters).
Mrs Rutland inspires me to read because when she reads to us, she acts out each of the characters, she organizes reading challenges and hands out prizes. She also runs the best book week parade ever by making silly and funny outfits from books!
Sophie (Age 11)
Mrs Briggs
Darling Heights State School.
I have read close to 200 books in year 1. My teacher Mrs Briggs has taught me how to read books. I like reading difficult books. Mrs Briggs always tells me to use ducky hands, skippy frog, chunky monkey, eagle eyes and fishy lips.
Sayera (Age 6)
Mrs Keating
Bundaberg West State School.
My teachers all have shown me, how to read and look in books, to learn of nature's wonders such as oceans, lakes and brooks. I've travelled places, tasted food, and learned about the past. Lived fantasies and swung in trees. In books,... time goes too fast. Thank you teachers! :)
Hayley (Age 11)
Mrs Blyth
St Anthony's School (Kedron).
Mrs Blyth is so much fun! She reads us books - about a tonne. She makes us giggle. She makes us laugh. She makes me want to read at home, even in the bath.
Zac (Age 6)
Mrs Berry-Porter
Brighton State School.
Mrs Berry-Porter chooses and reads great stories to us. She stocks the library full of interesting books and she makes amazing displays to encourage us to read. She is funny, friendly and helpful. Mrs Berry-Porter is the heart and soul of our library.
AMELIE (Age 8)
Mr Simmonds
St Andrew's Anglican College (Peregian Springs).
Mr Simmonds is the coolest teacher. We have special reading area in the middle of the classroom, with heaps of books, puppets and teddy's to make books come to life and even sings stories with his guitar. His motto is all about make reading fun!
Cooper (Age 7)
Ms Austin
Townsville Central State School.
Our school librarian is great. She reads us books I used to hate. She has a special way with words. That makes me want to be a nerd. Now I close my eyes & dream. About the characters I've seen. Now I read and look at books. Instead of feedingtheschoolschooks
David (Age 8)
Mr Herd
Patricks Road State School.
Thank you to my kind teacher Mr Herd for reminding us about how we need to love our books and reading time (which I do love). Thank you to the librarians who provide us with our books (which we need to read) and for their suggestions of books. #bigthankyou!
Simon (Age 11)
Mr Andrews
Widgee State School.
Mr. Andrews makes reading fun! He makes stories a little too funny and we crack up. He even adds bits to make them hilarious! One day we sat in a 'cave' and he surprised us dressed up like a bear. Reading is an adventure!
Isla (Age 7)
Mrs Papamanolis
St Ita's Regional Primary School.
"Read it, smell it, feel it, dream it, recommend it, relate it, enjoy it, LOVE IT!" With words and enthusiasm like this, how can we NOT be inspired to read? Best Teacher Librarian ever! Thank you Mrs P.
Claudia (Age 11)
Ms Taylor
Barkly Highway State School.
My teacher loves to read to the class. She stops in the middle of the book and asks me to read along with her. I'd like to shout a loud BIG THANK YOU to Ms Taylor for inspiring me to read more and read confidently when I am with people.
Sharon (Age 8)
Mr Harper
Maryborough Central State School.
Mr Harper encouraged me to participate in the Queensland Regional Readers Cup Competition,where I was able to represent our school and meet an Australian novelist called Karen Foxlee.He also let's me read whenever I've finished my work, he is the best teacher ever!. Thankyou Mr Harper!!
Jessy (Age 11)
Mrs Birchley
Tanduringie State School.
My teacher is a wonderful person, She tells me to follow my dreams. My dream you see Is to become a great leader. So she helps me to read About all that I need. My teacher is my mate And she is really great!
Sienna (Age 12)
Mrs Harrod
Jamboree Heights State School.
I was never a confident reader but when my path crossed with Mrs. Harrod it was different. I always had a book I was always inspired by the new library themes I am now a Lexie reader of over 1000. (I am usually found with overdue library books) thank you.
Jordan (Age 12)
Mrs Swan
Moggill State School.
I have dyslexia-I always avoided books and library lessons until Mrs Swan saw this and let me start borrowing from the Non Fiction section as she realised I had a love for these books and therfore sparked a love of books that will last a lifetime.
Tobey (Age 8)
Ms Linberg
Boondall State School.
Ms Linberg is very nice librarian she gives out books every week and she sends competitions to us but most of all I like book week she makes it so fun and I also love her reading she is fluent and she is a good role model to young children.
Helna (Age 10)
Mrs McNamara
Inala State School.
She reads books that we might learn from in the library. She reads us things about real life. In our class she teaches us reading after reading tests. She gets "spectacular" happy when we get our sight words right or go up a level in reading.
Alkhair (Age 9)
Mrs Joseph
Cavendish Road State High School.
Mrs. J is an extraordinary person, full of life and inspires me to read, write and enjoy literature on a whole new level. She speaks so highly of books, and has captivated me to read, and give anything a go! Mrs Joseph is an absolutely amazing woman! Thank-you, Mrs J.
Brandon (Age 13)
Mrs Janik-Sands
Cavendish Road State High School.
Reading allows your imagination to run wild, allowing your mind to enter a world of its own. My school librarian, Mrs Sands, inspires students with visual motivation to read, with an inviting display of a collection of books and decorations. She allows students to explore the fascinating world of literature.
Ness (Age 15)
Ms Janik-Sands
Cavendish Road State High School.
My librarian, Ms Janik-Sands, is a positively influential person who inspires and encourages individuals to read as it develop our mind. She helps me in reading well and she helps me in developing my English. She is an awesome librarian as she always lend me a helping hand
Aurora (Age 15)
Mrs Bergamini
Cavendish Road State High School.
She inspires me to read as it helps me become more knowledgeable and intelligent. Because of this I am able to do better in all the subjects that I take part in as well as in tests and exams.
Kai (Age 14)
Miss Roberts
Cavendish Road State High School.
My love of reading is sparked by my current English teacher Miss Roberts. I had never loved reading until she became my teacher, her enthusiasm towards reading really fascinated me, and she would even dress up as book characters which made my curiosity and love towards reading grow!
Ruby (Age 15)
Mrs Roll
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School.
Before I came to this school I was getting bullyied and when I came to this school I had no friends miss roll incureged people to be my friend and to this day I've had friends and I thank her soooooooo much for doing that for Me thanks mrs roll
Alex (Age 9)
Mrs Cuthbert
Cavendish Road State High School.
Since the begging of year 9, I never used to ready any books but know,I'm enjoying reading books in my spare time. Mrs demonstrates that reading isn't boring its very fun. When we have an reading assessment, she always makes them as fun as possible. Yay for reading books.
Ethan (Age 16)
Ms Relja
St Mary MacKillop Primary School (Birkdale).
Ms R has strong opinions that inspire me to believe in myself. She sees the world in such a unique way. She sees things that no one does and because of that she inspires me to read and create and look for more than just words in a chapter book.
Alaysha-Kate (Age 12)
Mrs Butterworth
Peregian Springs State School.
Mrs Butterworth my teacher inspires me to love reading by making it fun, using funny voices and facial expressions. We love to role play. One time we read Goldilocks and the three bears and I got to play mumma bear and I liked it because it was funny.
Bella (Age 6)
Miss Hyde
St Mary MacKillop Primary School (Birkdale).
Mrs Hyde pushed us to read, read and read. She usually gives us 20 minutes silent reading after lunch. Many teachers inspired me to read. But Mrs Hyde is number one on my list. Thank you Mrs Hyde for inspiring me read. I am very thankful to have Mrs Hyde as a teacher!
Rohina (Age 9)
Miss Butler
Springwood Road State School.
When I first entered your classroom. I didn't have a clue. What reading was about. And what I should do. When you read aloud. You lit the path for me. Reading is magical. And now I can see. I have been in many magical worlds just because of you.Thankyou
Tania (Age 10)
Mrs Halstead
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School (Coorparoo).
Mrs Halstead inspired me to read more by showing me how reading is fun. She taught me how to use my imagination to create pictures in books that don't have pictures! I now love reading novels and series like Nanny Piggins. I think Mrs Halstead is awesome.
Mia (Age 10)
Mr McGregor
Greenslopes State School.
Thank you for always being silly in class as it makes learning fun. Thank you also for being a good role model for boys, now I want to be a teacher when I grow up, so that I can teach kids and make it fun.
Charlie (Age 5)
Mrs Talbott
Currimundi State School.
Our librarian Mrs Talbott makes our library colourful, and she always has different book displays for the different holidays, and important dates for our school. That makes it exciting to walk into the library and see the wonderful and new books for us to discover, which are fun to read.
Odin (Age 7)
Ms Kreis
Aspley East State School.
Ms Kreis makes reading fun. She likes reading to everyone. She makes my imagination run wild. Not just me but every child. With every page comes adventure. Turning each page one at a time. I look forward to what I can find.
Ally (Age 8)
Ms McCurdy
Our Lady of the Angels' School (Wavell Heights).
Miss McCurdy is smarter than Google. That's really really really smart. And when I asked her how she got to be so smart she said she reads a lot. So that's what I do now too because one day I'm going to be smarter than Google.
Harper (Age 6)
Mr Yates
Goodna State School.
My teacher Mr Yates always give me very interesting books with lots of amazing pictures. They tell awesome stories about everything, like nature, spaceships, sealife, or even time travelling. Sometimes Mr Yates reads books for us at school. He has a very nice voice.
An (Age 7)
Mrs Weier
Allora P-10 State School.
Mrs Weier was born to be a librarian. Her love of books rubs off on everyone that visits her library. She always makes sure we have a wide variety of books to suit every reading level and loves to organise "Book Character Dress-Up Days". Mrs Weier is Awesome!
Macey (Age 11)
Mrs Watt
Mundubbera State School.
Mrs Watt's reading is never boring, you will never find a kid snoring. Our imagination goes WILD, it fills the heart ❤️ of every child. Forgot the rest, MY Librarian is the BEST!!
Sybrand (Age 10)
Mrs Hunter
Kingston State School.
My teacher inspires me because she is a hard working person who is so dedicated to her job and her fellow students. She loves to read and teach us wonderful new things. She doesn't get a lot so I hope she wins this will help her and our school.
Shane (Age 13)
Miss Vanessa Miell
Waterford State School.
She helps me read with so much kindness and love and is funny. I am hearing impaired so she is patient in speaking the words so that I can understand the words. I spent so much time in hospital so I needed to catch up and she helped me
Arorangi (Age 6)
Ms Rutledge
St Mary's Primary School (Warwick).
My teacher Ms Rutledge inspire me to read by balancing a lectern on her head. As she balance the lectern on her head she says "reading is so important it's ridiculous". I thank her for inspiring me to read.
Juliana (Age 12)
Mrs Carr
Goodna State School.
Big Thank You to Mrs Carr who inspires me to read and understand. She also helps and encourages me to read more and helps me by reading books to our class when we have spare time. She tells us that "Practice makes it perfect". So Thank You Mrs Carr.
Marliner (Age 10)
Mrs Ball
Assisi Catholic College.
Mrs ball is the nicest and most wounderful librarian I have ever met. She is encouraging by reading books to us, poems and more. She has most inspired me in a poem called my country by Dorathea Mackellar. I am now inspired for life to read.
Holly (Age 10)
Mrs Fish
Coorparoo State School.
My librarian inspires a love of reading to me! The first reason is because at lunch time she organises enjoyable activities that involve reading and playing games that involve amusing books. My awesome librarian makes sure everyone is involved in the Premier's Reading Challenge.
Emma (Age 10)
Mrs Grandma Beth
Cawarral State School.
I thank you grandma Beth for reading and helping me reading hard books. I like the way you are helping me read I real like it the way you do. It is fun reading books. I can not thing of a way to said thank you. But thank you.
Makayla (Age 8)
Mrs Timbs
Downlands College (Toowoomba).
Mrs Timbs, wow! She has been my inspiration since I even started at Downlands College. She has been the one to lead me down the pathway of books, and show me the creative world it has to offer. Thank you Mrs Timbs!
Natasha (Age 13)
Mrs Sakellariou
Ipswich Girls' Grammar School.
Mrs Sakellariou or Mrs S is awesome. You will never meet someone as kind and generous as her. Before I met her, I never finished a book, but today I finish most books I read and that she has kindly suggests. Now I get better English results than ever.Thankyou
Charlotte (Age 12)
Mrs O'Brien
St Mary MacKillop Primary School (Birkdale).
This teacher has enspiered me because every day wen i was in prep i was always exited to go into the libray and she would read use a storie and do all off these funny vocies. wen she left she inspiered me to keep reading and i love it.
Sophia (Age 9)
Mrs O'Brien
St Mary MacKillop Primary School (Birkdale).
She makes everything about reading fun and tells you to read because reading is awesome and I think she is even more awesome than reading because she is like a book, she always tells you things you don't believe or things you didn't know. She is better than books!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lachlan (Age 10)
Mrs Wakeford
Malanda State High School.
Mrs Wakeford is one of the kindest and most supportive librarians ever. She always makes sure everyone gets the perfect book and is always happy to talk about their stories. Her passion and enthusiasm is really what got me interested in reading. Thanks so much Mrs :)
Chelsea (Age 16)
Mrs Anderson
Seven Hills State School.
Reading hasn't always been fun for me. I am dyslexic so reading is a hard job. Mrs Anderson has encouraged me to discover and explore different types of books. She lets me go at my own pace and always finds the right book for me. I now love reading!
Gabe (Age 11)
Mrs Eather
Finch Hatton State School.
Mrs Eather helps us every day in class we have ten minutes quiet reading time every day. We are a small school and we help others learn to read as well. When it comes to reading she is crazy about reading and makes learning fun.
Ashley (Age 12)
Mr Brady
Mundubbera State School.
Thank you for helping us in English and History. Ever since I started doing English lessons with you I feel like I have learned so much more than last year also History has been great too. Your lessons are very fun and educating.
Melinda-Joe (Age 13)
Ms Fry
Mundubbera State School.
Because she helps us learn and I like it a lot and she is very fun I would like to have her for the rest of my grades. Ms fry you are the best teacher in the world ! Thank you so much you're the best!
Flynn (Age 6)
Mrs Johnson
Middle Park State School.
My librarian is awesome. She knows so much about books. Whenever I am stuck she knows just the right book I will love! She's even helped my five brothers and sisters too, and they all love to read. And she makes the library such a fun place to be
Cooper (Age 8)
Mrs Wakeford
Malanda State High School.
Malanda High's beloved librarian Mrs Wakeford has always directed me towards books I have come to love, as if by pure magic. She has always assisted me in narrowing down my next big challenge or my next favourite book or series. It is with all of my heart I thankyou.
Jacob (Age 17)
Ms Wakeford
Malanda State High School.
As a person that wouldn’t ever look at a book, let alone read it Ms.’s upbeat attitude and knowledge of books really got me interested. After she handed me my first book I noticed her love for her library and the books.It kept everyone coming back for more.
Amy (Age 15)
Mrs Unwin
Springbrook State School.
I love how Mrs Unwin reads chapter books to us. She read The BFG to us and now she's reading Holes. I think it's awesome. I always look forward to the next chapter she reads and find myself wanting more.
Aimee (Age 9)
Mrs Hopf
Whitsunday Anglican School (Mackay).
I order books that look fun on-line and then Rebecca drives them to me in a BIG truck. I cycle to the BIG truck, Bec gives me all the books that looked heaped fun all saved for me. I cycle home and snuggle up to enjoy them every Saturday.
Holly (Age 8)
Mrs Littman
Saint Stephen's College.
Mrs Littman had without a doubt encouraged me to enjoy reading in ways I didn't think were possible. Everyday we read for 30mins no teacher had ever done this before with me and I was astonished how much my reading and vocabulary had improved. She defiantly encouraged me, so thank-you.
Jordan (Age 11)
Mrs Yates
Bargara State School.
Mrs Yates always asks me about the books I am reading. I love talking to her about my favourite stories. Mrs Yates sets goals for me to achieve to become a better reader. I get excited when I achieve these goals. I love reading because Mrs Yates loves it too!
Evella (Age 8)
Mrs Littman
Saint Stephen's College.
Mrs Littman is just a magnificent teacher altogether but when it comes to reading she is a star! She makes my class read all the time and I can see a huge difference since last year! 2015-1book took 5 weeks, 2016-1book took 2 weeks. Wow!Thanks for the support Mrs Littman!
Emilie (Age 10)
Mrs Maunder
Mackay North State School.
Mrs Maunder inspires me to read because she brings the stories to life, helps me to choose good books and helps me understand books. I LOVE her because she taught me how to read. A BIG THANK YOU TO MRS MAUNDER!!!
Cassandra (Age 9)
Mrs Wilson
Canterbury College (Waterford).
Mrs Wilson encourages me personally to read outstanding books because she has the passion to read, She constantly telling us to record our reading in our diary. This heart-warming teacher influences me to read because she makes reading sound entertaining and enjoyable.
Evie (Age 10)
Mrs Ash
Springbrook State School.
Mrs Ash inspires my love of reading because every week she reads us a book and gives us our own time to read. This affects my education in a positive way. Reading is great for you to do, it helps your punctuation and grammar. Reading will definitely help you anywhere.
Ryka (Age 10)
Mrs Ash
Springbrook State School.
Mrs Ash is my teacher and she rocks at reading. I had know idea what I was capable of until she gave me strategies to improve my pronunciation of words. She has inspired me to love reading because now I'm getting better at it because of her amazing help.
Lashae (Age 10)
Mrs Vallen
Queensland Academy for Health Sciences.
A love of reading is kindled from the flame of encouragement and accessibility. Mrs Vallen does both of these on a daily basis by providing us with all of the books that we could ever dream of and engaging with me and my fellow students regarding what we are reading!
Samantha (Age 15)
Mrs Cathro
Canterbury College (Waterford).
She helps me with my language features such as past tense and first or second person, she has inspired me because she make reading and work fun! Mrs Cathro has also helped me settle in to my new school Canterbury, thanks!
Pyper (Age 10)
Ms Hyde
St Mary MacKillop Primary School (Birkdale).
I love reading because it takes me to my happy place and makes me feel safe and calm. I love when Ms Hyde reads convict books because it's so fascinating and interesting. I love reading the tree-house books because they're funny, adventurous and take reading to a whole new level!
Meg (Age 9)
Miss Biggs
St Mary MacKillop Primary School (Birkdale).
I love reading specially books without pictures so I can use my imagination. I read constantly, out load, in my head, in bed because it makes me feel really happy. Miss Biggs made me love reading because when she reads it sounds like she enjoys it and so do I.
Annie (Age 7)
Mrs Abbott
Mena Creek State School.
Dear Mrs Abbott, I would love to thank you for helping me to embrace my reading, my fondest memory is when we read the BFG. After we read that book I was inspired to keep reading! That’s why I would love to thank you for helping me to embrace reading.
James (Age 11)
Mrs Leamy
Southern Cross Catholic College (Kippa Ring Prim).
Mrs Leamy makes reading so fun. Sometimes we don't even notice she's teaching us to read because it's so fun. She helps me love reading because she explains how important it is and I love going up to the next level in my reading. I love reading so much.
Ruby (Age 6)
Mr Casey
Miami State School.
I've always struggled with reading and picking up a book gave me terrible anxiety. Then Mr Casey come along & inspired me by sharing his own childhood dislike of reading. I am still improving everyday but I no longer feel fear when I open a book. Thank you Mr Casey.
Lilla (Age 11)
Mrs White
St Andrew's Catholic College Redlynch Valley.
She has taught me how to be more open minded about the true meaning behind the message. How to get more depth and knowledge from a small text and to not always think about the most obvious points in the dialogue.
Aislinn (Age 15)
Mrs DeSilva
St Andrew's Catholic College Redlynch Valley.
My teacher has inspired me to read, because she says that even though I have a great vocabulary; I could still further it through reading.
Naomi (Age 18)
Mrs Metcalf
St Andrew's Catholic College Redlynch Valley.
I have intellectual impairment and I cannot read. Mrs Metcalf reads to me all the time and helps me with my IT so I can do some language. I love her very much. She is very good helping me all the time.
William (Age 14)
Miss Baldry
Glenden State School.
My teacher inspired a love of reading to me when we had to read a book for my English assessment (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.)It made me actually realise that authors write more descriptive and more detail in books than the creators put in movie.
Rebecca (Age 11)
Ms Abdy
Dimbulah State School.
Inspires us by ordering books to suit individuals' reading tastes e.g. Group of students were playing a Star Wars board game in the Library, Ms Abdy overheard, ordered the complete series of Star Wars!Personable and likable, Ms Abdy uses humour to invoke a love of reading.
Clinton (Age 14)
Ms McKean
Miami State School.
Reading books was boring stories, but Ms McKean got me to read books about history, people and how they used to live. Now I read a chapter every night and my home readers every week for homework. I go to the library with my sister and brother to choose books.
Ellie Dee (Age 9)
Miss Mallet
Centenary Heights State High School.
Through her terrific teaching method of English, Miss Mallet has allowed me and any student she have taught to realise that English is the creative use of quality words, effective use of language and grammatically correct sentence structures to create the maximum effect of the author's world.
Jing (Age 15)
Mrs Walters
Saints Peter and Paul's School (Bulimba).
Mrs Walters inspires me to keep on going when I am stuck on a word in my book. She is very nice when she is helping me and she makes me feel good about myself - even when I stuck on a word(s). Thank you Mrs Walters.
Poppy (Age 7)
Mrs Klose
Groves Christian College.
Dear Mrs Klose Thank you for inspiring me to read. I'm now in higher level just because you tell me to read everyday. I'll also be in higher level if I keep reading everyday. So thank You Mrs Klose From Huai.
Huai (Age 12)
Mrs Watson
Groves Christian College.
She has let me borrow countless books from the school library and has done a wonderful job keeping the library in order. She is a kind teacher and I love to borrow books from the library she keeps.
Joshua (Age 10)
Mr Rubio
Groves Christian College.
I just wanted to say thank. Thank you that you encourage us every week to read. I have improved my reading and I have read more books now. You are a great role model in reading to me. Thank you for keeping your head high when kids read.
Steplar (Age 11)
Mrs Secomb
Groves Christian College.
I am writing this to say thank you. You have helped me understand more about reading and you taught me about commas and different words. Every Wednesday you encourage us to read every day so we can help with my reading. My Mum is very proud of me.
Amy (Age 11)
Mr Staggs
MacGregor State High School.
How? Well, it's more of 'Why' question; once one discovers the serenity of reading amidst the chaos of their daily life, the 'Why' matters more than the 'How'. This is where Mr.Staggs comes in, he has a way with words, a way of explaining the power of reading.
Karima (Age 16)
Miss Stewart
Miami State School.
To Ms Stewart thank you so so so much for helping me with my reading. At the start of the year I was having trouble with my reading but now I'm up to level M at reading. I'm getting so much better at reading. Thank you so much.
Lailah (Age 7)
Mrs Keaton
St Mark's School (Inala).
Mrs Keaton is our librarian. When I go to the library I go to the non-fiction area. There is a sign that says 'spiders'. I like to borrow books about spiders to read. Sometimes Mrs Keaton let's us borrow two books!! It is so kind of her.
Alina (Age 8)
Mrs Fay
Ingham State High School.
Mrs Fay, is a huge inspiration, She always helps me with my assignments if I need help or if I'm unsure about anything, it's Mrs Fay I go to and ask. Mrs Fay has all the qualities that any librarian should have, ISHS is very lucky to have her.
Jasmyn (Age 14)
Miss Medlin
Wynnum State School.
Miss Medlin inspires me to read more by letting our whole class read for 20 minutes or more every morning. After we finish reading, we complete a task to do with reading. Occasionally,we get to read our response to the the class,gaining courage as we speak.Reading is really fun!
Chloe (Age 9)
Mrs Butler
Banana State School.
Mrs Butler encourages me to read books about things I love. I like reading about horses and animals. I want to be a vet when I grow up. It also helps me with my spelling. Mrs Butler is the best! You are Awesome!!!!!!!!!
Emma (Age 10)